I consider the implications and interactions of architectural space/object space/and image space as concurrent conversations and tools to exhaust modes of representing and shifting perspective of a thought. The intricacies and consistencies of the work move through these ranges of space and matter; considering material, process, and conceptual concerns in equal pace.

In the work, architectural space mediates form and acts as a catalyst for content and consideration. Often a site becomes a place of excavation, where architectural surfaces are unhinged, fired through the kiln, and reconfigured as cast forms. This process seeks to homogenize surface back into form; collapsing and reconfiguring history as a means to touch lightly towards ideas related to dislocation and longing.

Object space enables a place for the idiosyncratic, where notions around labor and time move through material phenomenology. Recording and inscribing results of object interaction; I create arrangements that produce varied frequencies and amplitudes of narrative. This space is rich in meditation, of breathing, and where body moves inward.

Image space suspends the limitations of actual space, allowing fundamental concerns related to gravity and mass to pause as printed and drawn surfaces defy these limits of their represented counterparts.

The work doesn’t sit solely in one category or another, but tends to exist around that blurry moment where one dissolves into the next; a potent transition, like the subtle shift between interior and exterior, utterance and articulation, presence and longing.



Fundamental to my role as an educator is my ability to create a positive, productive, and challenging environment in which my students’ are encouraged to take risks, participate, and extensively consider and cultivate their individual points of view towards themselves, the world, and making. 

I act as facilitator, bridging artistic growth through coursework that simultaneously builds technical skills, in a range of materials and processes, as well as fostering a students understanding of historical and cultural frameworks through diverse critical texts, discussions, and presentations. 

It is my goal to empower each student to move forward as confident, articulate, and passionate artists; whose experiences within my coursework, enables them to traverse the depths of meaning and making throughout their artistic careers.